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Music at Croft

Christ Church Choir
The choir at Christ Church consists of fifteen enthusiastic singers, sometimes supplemented by an equally keen university student.  Everyone enjoys contributing so much to the worship.  Choir-only music features particularly at the traditional festive seasons, and is selected from a repertoire built up over many years.  At the special Harvest of the talents weekend in 2010 the choir sang On Eagles’ Wings by Michael Jonca in the morning service, and the Rizza Gloria from the Anglican Communion Service at Evensong.  This latter item represented a change from the version normally used in Communion services. Harold Darke's arrangement of In the bleak midwinter is a firm favourite; this carol featured in the 2011 Carol Service. Choir practices are held on Friday afternoons, and new members are always sought.

Christ Church Organ

The present organ has two manuals (C to a3) and pedals (C to f1) and 24 speaking stops.  The action is mostly tracker.  The organ is notable for the quality of its pipework, at least some of which has the stamp of organ builder Alexander Young on it.  When the instrument was rebuilt in 1968 by George Sixsmith, of Mossley, Lancashire, much of the previous instrument was retained, but Sixsmith used parts of an organ removed from Ardwick Methodist Church in Bradford, Manchester.  Three mutation ranks and a clarinet were installed at a much later date to expand the Great organ.  These four ranks were mounted on a dedicated high‑level soundboard.  Of particular interest is the fact that the Violin rank was built by the German organ builder Schultz, and came from the Parish Church of Hindley via the Methodist Church in Glazebury.  The full specification of the present organ is given below.


Open Diapason 8

Violin 8

Viol d’Orchestra 8

Rohr Flute 8

Cornopean 8

Oboe 8

Gemshorn 4

Piccolo 2

Mixture (2 ranks)

Tremulant (effective throughout)


Open Diapason 8

Clarabella 8

Dulciana 8

Trumpet 8

Principal 4

Wald Flute 4

Fifteenth 2


Clarinet 8

Nazard 2⅔

Tierce 13/5

Larigot 1⅓ 


Open Diapason 16

Bourdon 16

Principal 8

Bass Flute 8

Sw to Gt, Sw to Ped,         
Gt to Ped, Sw to Gt Oct